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Welcome to our BOOK NOOK, a place to stop if you love to read and love knowledge. Reading is becoming a lost art due to busy lives and schedules. However the Good Book says that only FOOLS HATE KNOWLEDGE. So make time to READ, take time to STUDY.

It is essential, health specialist say,  to cut out many of the non-essentials and just take time for yourself, to stop and smell the roses, as they say. The Hopi Indian elders told us that as life seems to get faster and faster, that we all need to slow down, to disengage and not allow others to always be ruling our time and what we do, but rather to take control over our own lives and not always follow the dictates of others.

Easy to say, sometimes HARD to do. We hope all of you will enjoy this library of knowledge and will find a book to your liking. I fully guarantee each and every E-book here with a 100% money back guarantee, There is also a FREE section of important works for you to browse through. ENJOY!!! - Stewart

Hi, I’m Stewart Best and I just wanted to say thank you for taking a look at our brand new Book Nook. The art of reading is fading away, but there is great joy in reading and study, and growing in knowledge and wisdom!!


“Long, long Journey through the Darkness,

Long, Long Way Home”

Do you have an innate desire to go to a place deep in your heart that you call “home”? A place of peace, rest, love, security and completeness? A place where the ultimate questions of life, why you are here and what is life all about are answered in truth?


There is a way – and it is within you, but few people find it – because they do not know where to look.

This series will show you why and how to find it – the rest is all up to you.

Who was Jesus Christ? The world has been debating that issue for 2000 years. His real message is hidden in plain sight. Most people would think the Bible is a book about a religion. It is not! It contains a radical message to the human race about the human heart that has little to do with what we would call “religion”. This investigative report SERIES  lays out the entire and true message of Jesus Christ in all of its stark beauty and shows you the logic and simplicity of His message to the entire world.

It also warns humanity that what we think is true is not, and that the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction is true and mankind knows virtually nothing about the multiverse we live in. If you study this out, your life will never be the same again. Are you willing to take a journey unlike anything you have ever done? A journey into a another realm?

Is the Bible actually true? Is it possible that it could BE TRUE? Has science proven the Bible false, or has it proven this ancient document true? Scientists claim the Universe started with the big bang. The Bible says the same thing. Scientists claim that DNA numbers every hair on your head. Jesus Christ said the same thing over 2000 years ago. How is it this maverick theologian knew all about DNA; that the Earth was round, that time has a beginning and an end? That we live in a multiverse, rather than a universe, something only recently discovered by modern science? He knew all about “portals” and “stargates” also.

Recently, through computers, the Bible’s mathematical code proves beyond all doubt whatsoever that the Bible was not written by mankind at all, and could not have been. The world’s greatest mathematicians are stunned by it and have no answers.


Don’t sell Jesus Christ short because you think He was a religious fanatic – He was not, and something very strange, paranormal and mysterious went down at Calvary 2000 years ago! It is not at all what you think it is!!

This is a SERIES of 13 SPECIAL REPORTS dealing in the greatest paranormal mystery of all times. Donations to help defray costs are welcome but not necessary.

If you formally read DARKLIGHT, this is the same series.

Thank you and we would love your comments

DAY BREAK (Formally Dark/Light)  describes the problems of Modern Christian theology and why the Bible warns of what can only be called A HUGE DECEPTION IN SALVATION THEOLOGY

Day Break


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Pontius Pilate confronted Jesus Christ and asked Him WHAT IS TRUTH? WHAT ARE YOU? These questions have been asked over the centuries with no real answers as to how one can find the truth, and then KNOW FOR A FACT it is the truth!!

This book will help you to understand that there is a way to find it, but it is well hidden, and it does require dedication and persistence to find it. But there is ONE ULTIMATE TRUTH and when you find it, ALL YOUR QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED AS TO WHAT WHY AND HOW OF YOUR LIFE.

Find it and you will be shown and understand the greatest secret behind all of life and you will then be in perfect rest, for YOU WILL KNOW and understand what only a few have ever known and understood - the what, why and how of all life and what it is all about!!!


It is laid in SECRET, UNSEEN, and the victim walks into it totally unaware. Suddenly, and WITH NO WARNING the snare traps its prey.

THE SNARE concerns what Jesus Christ had to say about a TRAP that will be sprung upon the entire world, and how humanity will walk into it without a clue and be caught, without escape.

THE SNARE is deadly, and was laid down some time ago, and as world events continue, the snare is about to be sprung.

Order THE SNARE and learn about how it works, and what it means for today’s unsuspecting world and apostate Christians who have no interest in the prophetic words of Christ.

THE SNARE is in E-book form and is priced at $9.95.


The Snare




ANGEL FALL is a 16 hour audio program that investigate the very real world of Satan, Fallen Angels and demonic activity.

Insofar as I know, there is no other program out there that actually will teach you how to handle these vicious entities that are bent upon your destruction.

They are deceptive, operate usually in the background but can destroy a human life over time, They have but one objective, and that is to take you to eternal ruin!!

In this series, you will learn from real live recordings of demons speaking through their victims, recorded during deliverance sessions!!



The LIVE RECORDINGS of deliverance sessions can be very disquieting as you hear their utter hatred for their victims, for humanity and for Jesus Christ. However, these entities are like little brat kids who actually have no power whatever under the authority of Jesus Christ.

You have nothing to fear from these entities, who bluff their way via attempting to intimidate everyone. THEY MUST OBEY JESUS CHRIST. It is not YOUR POWER that is in use here, it is THE AUTHORITY JESUS CHRIST GAVE EVERY CHRISTIAN. USE IT!!!  







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“DefCon One - Final Warning” is a MUST HAVE E-BOOK that explains what is happening to America and WHY it is happening.

A recent poll taken of average Americans revealed that the majority of them feel totally “out of place” and that they don’t “really belong” here because of all the changes in our society!

This was all foretold by the Biblical prophets, who said that America would be changed into a nation that few would ever believe possible a short time ago.

America is nearing the end of a transition to a RADICAL NEW AMERICA, an America most Americans would totally reject, but it is being foisted upon them by mass media, moves, TV and radio. This new America is totally foreign to most people over 50.

This NEW AMERICA concept is being taught in our public schools. Promotes any and religions EXCEPT Christianity and turns America into a massive police state. IT IS ALL HERE.

DEFCON ONE tells us WHO WE ARE, and WHAT OUR END SHALL BE. You need to know everything in book to protect yourself, your loved ones and your future from this ever growing radical police state.

A Final Warning To America

DefCon One - E-Book




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This Ebook tells you exactly how the RICH MEN of the Bible have taken over this nation, and why Obama and our Congress are totally unwilling to make the necessary changes to protect our Bill ofRights and the Constitution, and also why they are passing allof these draconian police state laws such as Homeland Security, NDAA and 1000 executive orders issued by Obama alone.

Obama has over 35 impeachable offenses and yet no one does anything about it. The Bankers proceed with stealing your money with new bail-in concepts, and have stated when you deposit your money in the bank you are making an “investment” in that bank and the money is no longer yours, but the banks, which they do not have to refund (part of the bail-in concept).

Why the American people have done nothing about all of this is a mystery, but you need to know what is going on, why it is going on, and where this is going to lead.

The Fall of America is almost complete. The nation you grew up in no longer exists. The change agents have taken over. Your freedoms are now all but gone. Find out how, when, why.

Babylon Down





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The infamous MARK OF THE BEAST, what is it, really? There are tons of reports and books written about it, and all of the things going on in surveillance, digital money, and banking regulations point directly to a totally cash less society that is under strict controls.

Nation after nation is carefuly looking at a totally cash less digital payment system which will merge with what appears to be A SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM, based upon the Marist/communist concept of “from each according to their ability and to each according to their needs”, or a total IRON MOUNTAIN, and QUIET WARS slavery system with no freedoms, all controlled by a simply yet profound MARK SYSTEM that is either a computer chip embedded within you, or some sort of subdermal ink mark that will track you 24/7/365!!

Order your Ebook copy today and find out the real truth behind this satanic economic system and why God damns anyone who takes it, no matter what their rationale for taking it is.


Total allegiance to the "system" and be damned, or refuse it and be killed. The MARK is the apex to the system of mammon, and if you take it, you will never see heaven. WHY NOT?

Danger Ahead 666/999




3 Ring Study Book in Binder HARD COPY - $24.95

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“The Babble of Babel” shows you the total confusion about TRUTH, and how the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH are setting up their ONE WORLD RELIGION. It is a religion that is the total antithesis to Christianity but with the appearance of total truth on the surface.

The problem with all religions is that they are all based upon some “belief” or “have faith in” what ever is being taught by that group, each with their own core essential “beliefs”, and usually tell their followers this is THE TRUTH and do not really “question it”.

Jesus Christ, on the other hand, actually told His followers NOT TO BELIEVE IT, but rather to CHECK IT OUT, INVESTIGATE IT, STUDY IT OUT to find out if it was the truth or not.

Most Christians appear to unaware of that simple but profound truth, but Jesus said TO CONTINUE IN HIS “DOCTRINE” and you would find out if it were from God or just another man-made concept.

There Is a radical difference in just “believing” something or KNOWING IT is TRUE and KNOWING it actually is FROM GOD HIMSELF.

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You will be totally blown away with the amount of information that you will be getting


I know you won’t believe it, but it’s really true!!!

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”  KJV John 14:21

The word Manifest is most interesting Here is a translation from the AMPC Bible:


The person who has My commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me; and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]

"I met Jesus/borderlands #819
After 20+ yrs of following Stewart, I have "never" heard the full story of your testimony. And on your site and Borderlands you have told the more complete was "beautiful", thank you. I do not know who the woman was that was with you, but am totally glad she was. She had mentioned things that even I was concerned about. Her being there brought you into the area you needed to be in, I guess, that caused you to open up the memory of your experience and give it to those of us that were waiting for it. Previously you had given bits/pieces, but thank goodness, this time it was all out there.

I appreciate all your information, I'm sure many others do too. There may be some that , as you have said before as with Steven, salvation may be at the very last minute, and with that, we may go through so much oppression and such strife, we are going to need every bit of strength we have to hold on to our faith and stay above temptation and not fail/fall. All your work/research inspired by The Lord will help remind us of the glory on the other side. Thank you Stewart.”

The Revelation of who and what Jesus Christ REALLY IS can only be found by the method given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ. It will also show you that modern Christianity is a fraud of the worst kind, for it cheats its followers out of Heaven. The story is real, it did occur exactly as written. Join NIGHT SHADOWS membership get 50% OFF.

The Day I Met Christ