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The Bible speaks of the giants as a matter of fact - not mythology, not old wives tales, but real creatures. The Book Of Enoch states that some of these giants were 50-75 feet tall, tamed dinosaurs and rode them as we ride horses.

If all of this were true, we would find, sooner or later, remains of these giants, and we have, all over the world. These remains are then taken by government authorities and they vanish, because the ancient past is not at all what we have all learned in our schools and universities.

Do not believe the debunking of the History Channel, noted for its antichrist, Illuminati style of debunking propaganda to keep people from knowing the real truth of the ancient past. History Channel is part of the “liars” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, those that LOVE and MAKE LIES, claiming all of this is simple mythology. The real truth is that it is all too true, all to real, and if the Book of Isaiah becomes true, these giants will once again return, not as big, but just as nasty, and just as dangerous.

Mothman gives us a view into the paranormal world that one seldom sees. How is it that so many people can witness a strange creature and yet the skeptics all say they were just seeing an large bird, like an owl - it is as though the human race does not want to face or contemplate that we live in a world full of anomalies and the unexplained. Next up, BIGFOOT, seen by thousands of people all over the world - and yet “does not exist”.

Anomalous creatures video taped - no explanations, no rational human explanations. Is it real or is it Memorex?